If you are unfamiliar with dental implants, please keep reading to learn more!

At Menlo Park Smiles of Menlo Park, California, we help our patients who have lost a piece of their smile replace them with new artificial pieces to make their smile whole again. If you have lost a tooth or are having a tooth extracted, dental implants help us replace that tooth with artificial materials.


Implant Placement

Using the phrase “dental implant” is commonly referring to replacing one tooth with an implant and a restoration or an artificial tooth. But, the implant itself is used for way more than just replacing a single tooth.

What is an implant? Well, when referring to single-tooth restoration, the implant part of the restoration is the new root of your artificial tooth. This “root” is made out of titanium and is surgically placed into your jaw bone by our oral surgeon, Dr. Saghezchi. Once placed and healed, the implant will be able to support your dental restoration whatever it may be.

Other than supporting the restoration, the dental implant benefits your oral health in many ways. Through chewing on your new tooth, the implant will be stimulating the jaw bone and surrounding tissues preventing it from degrading.



As previously stated, many restorations can be placed onto a dental implant to give us our full smile back including dental bridges and dentures.

These tooth restorations are custom-made to you and you only, matching the size, shape, and shade of your surrounding natural teeth. While getting your dental implant placed, measurements and details for your restoration are sent to our dental lab to be made out of porcelain material. Being made out of porcelain, allows your new tooth to fit in with your natural teeth perfectly.


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Dental Implants & Restorations

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