3d model of impacted wisdom tooth

Menlo Park Smiles of Menlo Park, California has all the necessary technology and trained professionals to receive almost all dental care needed, including wisdom teeth extractions. The extraction of wisdom teeth is a surgical extraction procedure that is usually performed at a surgical office. Luckily for you, we have our oral surgeon who can perform wisdom teeth extractions for anyone who needs it.


Wisdom Teeth

Most everyone is generally informed about wisdom teeth, but in case you aren’t please keep reading to learn more.

Our wisdom teeth are our third back molars that usually start to erupt anywhere between the ages of 17-25. Depending on your specific mouth, your wisdom teeth may never start to erupt, but may still need to be taken out.

Wondering why removing wisdom teeth is recommended? Well, there are several reasons!

Not having enough room for your wisdom teeth to grow in is one of the main reasons for removal. If wisdom teeth start to grow in and there’s not enough room it can cause teeth to move causing crookedness and overcrowding.

Once slightly erupted, wisdom teeth are at high risk of accumulating decay and causing infections in the tooth, gums, or surrounding molars. This can lead to severe pain in the gums and harm to the jaw bone.

Not all wisdom teeth are set in place to grow straight, there is a possibility that they will start growing sideways causing harm to the root of the surrounding molars.

Working closely with Dr. Daftarian, she will advise you when and if you need to get your wisdom teeth removed.


Wisdom Teeth At Menlo Park Smiles

Since the wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical extraction, aftercare will be described in detail by one of our team members.

If you are curious about your wisdom teeth and if you should get them removed, make an appointment to see us at Menlo Park Smiles in Menlo Park, California. It’s best to get them taken care of to prevent dental issues.

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