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Dr. Daftarian at Menlo Park Smiles recommends taking care of a cavity right when it is diagnosed, to prevent maximum damage from happening. If a cavity is left to grow, it could result in you or someone in your family having to have that tooth extracted. Although a severely infected tooth is one of the main reasons for tooth extraction, there are other reasons including:

  • Impacted teeth that would cause damage to surrounding teeth once growing in, this mainly pertains to wisdom teeth
  • There is not enough room in the patient’s mouth for the regular amount of teeth to grow properly
  • For some, extra teeth try to grow in, these will be extracted if there is not enough space
  • Severely cracked, broken, or malformed teeth

Every case is different, and we always do everything we can to try and save your natural tooth and restore it to its natural form. If extraction is the only answer, we won’t just leave you with an empty gap in your smile. For these reasons, we offer cosmetic and restorative procedures that can replace a tooth or even multiple teeth.


Tooth Extraction Process

Simple and surgical extractions are what we perform here in our office depending on your specific case and needs. Simple extractions are when the entire tooth is intact, but the need to remove is high. The dentist will numb and possibly sedate you per your request, then carefully with detailed tools remove the entire tooth.

Surgical extractions can be more extensive than regular simple extractions. In the case of a tooth being broken off at the root, would call for a surgical extraction. Just as it says, this extraction will have to happen with little surgery to remove the root from the socket.

Post-extraction care will vary depending on the tooth extracted, a member of our dental team will provide you with instructions and information on how to best take care of your wound. Tooth  extractions at Menlo Park Smiles are done with the highest level of care and precision.


Come See the Professionals

Only a dental professional like Dr. Daftarian of Menlo Park Smiles, can diagnose whether you need an extraction or not. Schedule an appointment at our Menlo Park, California location for a consultation if you think you need an extraction.

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