COVID-19 Office Protocols

Menlo Park Smiles believes in providing quality and safe dental care to all of our patients. We have made your safety and health our top priority. We have taken the following measures to keep you healthy while keeping your smile healthy.

  • We are all vaccinated
  • Doors on each operatory to ensure aerosols contained
  • Medical-grade HEPA filter in each operatory
  • Medical-grade HEPA filter installed in our AC filters which run continuously
  • Isolite and Dryshield intraoral suction which capture 99% of aerosols
  • Fully PPE for our team, including but not limited to N95, level 3 surgical masks, face shields, eye-protective wear
  • Dr wears Max Air Capr during most procedures
  • Multiple of the award-winning, Highest grade Air filtration, Surgical Clean Air Jade units in the office
  • Curbside waiting
  • All patients are required to hand sanitize prior to entering the office
  • Only patients with appointments are allowed in
  • All patients require to wear masks at all times except while being treated
  • Temperature checks
  • Covid disclosure forms within 24 hours prior to visit
  • Patients require to swish with 2 mouth rinses prior to being worked on to disrupt or inactive covid prior to treatment